Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Where is your allegiance?

When I started my PLN about five years ago, I was reluctant to show allegiance. I didn't know if I wanted to commit to any one blog, chat, follower, or online endeavor.

Now I'm beginning to refine my focus and commit to a number of PLN endeavors that match my overall mission which is to teach students well. 

Right now, there are three chats that I want to commit too as often as I can. Those chats are #edchat, #satchat, and #edchatma. All three chats focus on teaching well and serve to inspire. If I add another chat it will be #mathchat, but up to now, the timing hasn't worked well.

As far as followers, I follow anyone that demonstrates interest in teaching and learning on a micro or macro level. The only followers I don't follow back are spammers or people interested in only marketing. 

I follow a large number of blogs that come to my email--I enjoy reading the updates on those blogs and they serve as inspiration. It's likely I'll continue to add new blogs.

I'm focusing my professional research work in the area of math teaching this year, and look forward to working with a number of consultants, associations, colleagues, and students in that regard.

Similarly I've joined a number of new learning initiatives this fall--all initiatives which contribute to my central mission which is teaching the children well. 

I'm looking forward to embedding the system-wide goals and focus too after the introduction of those efforts next week.

I'm also looking forward to the year ahead, a year where I'll find myself digging in for greater depth, collaboration, and attention to detail with regard to teaching children well. 

It's been a great summer of family, fun, and study. Now it's time to apply that learning to the teaching and learning I do. Onward.