Friday, July 31, 2015

Why Write a Lot

Perhaps I should change my Twitter handle @lookforsun to write-a-lot because I write a lot!


I write a lot because I see so much potential for positive change and development in education.

It's amazing what is possible, and it baffles me why we're not spending more time doing the work that matters rather than staying mired in old think, roles, structures, and discussions.

As I've noted before, I love to be a part of an inclusive, transparent, forward thinking, creative team that serves others, and in this case, children, well.

I love the synergy, enthusiasm, and positive result of work well done.

When I see efforts that are directed toward goals that are half-hearted or not that important, it frustrates me because there's so many positive paths to follow.

So I could choose to bottle up all these ideas, thoughts, and commentary, or I could express it leaving me free to do the best possible work I can within the parameters posed, and leaving the ideas open to those who are ready and willing to courageously champion the good work possible. Onward.