Saturday, July 25, 2015

WeVideo Enthusiasm

A few years ago, I used WeVideo for a collaborative student project. I found it to be a terrific movie making venue.

Then after learning more about Google apps from +Chrystal Hoe  at  the Regis College EdTech Workshop hosted by +Wesley Przybylski, I decided to give WeVideo another try to capture the learning I'm doing with +Leslie L at +thinkSRSD .

With the exception of the fact that any movie making project is a "forever" project, one with endless possibility, I really liked using WeVideo to organize the information I learned so that I can use it in the future to lead my work with students as well as to serve as an easy way to share the learning with colleagues. If you're interested in the process I suggest you try WeVideo by going to your Google Drive, clicking "new," then "more," then "connect more," searching for "WeVideo," adding that app, and playing around with it to create your own movies.

Here's a copy of the movie I made today if interested. Let me know if you have any questions.