Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Teaching Journey: Long Term View

The short term plans are set, and now, what does the long term view look like?

For me, in a sense, my long term view can be described as nesting. I want to deepen the work I do for children in the long term. I want to make my learning environment more inviting and welcoming and my craft more centered and personal for each and every child. In a sense, I want to build a strong nest for teaching and learning.

What does that process include?

First I want to develop a safe and supportive environment for my nest which means developing collegial connections and a sense of team with students, families, colleagues, leaders, and community members. How can I be a contributing team member? In what ways can I make sure that my nest is firmly planted in the learning community with strength and sustenance?

Next, I will continue to develop my craft with daily reading, writing, reflection, and study. I'll also make a commitment to learn new literacies and apply those tools, resources, and pedagogy regularly to my classroom work. I want to commit to collegial learning design with and for students so school is welcoming, engaging, and relevant to learners. I will remain an active member of my PLN as they serve to keep me up to date, challenge my current practice, and inspire new learning and craft.

I'll do what I can to keep my energy fresh and ongoing. Positive physical, social, and emotional energy is a key component of teaching well. A healthy routine, frequent breaks, and good nutrition support optimal energy.

Compassion for Self and Others
As I  always say, teaching and learning are endless propositions and no one can be or do it all. As we move towards our best work, we need to be compassionate to ourselves and others. We won't always hit the mark, but in strong, caring school communities we will have the support we need to get back up and try again. This is essential to teaching and learning well.

I'll continue to reflect and share the teaching and learning journey. I'll read, practice, and then write about it. Hopefully my words will help others now and then with inspiration, new ideas, links, and resources. I'll speak up for what I believe is right and good in education, and I'll change my mind when new information makes a better case for good practice. I'll see the teaching/learning journey for what it is, a life journey that changes often as the world around us changes too.

Children First
In the end, my work as parent and teacher will continue to put children first. As a servant leader, I'll let the children lead my work. They're my muse and inspiration, the fuel that propels my career forward. I wonder where they'll take me :)