Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Study's Twists and Turns

It never goes exactly as planned. Summer always poses lots of opportunity and lots of surprise as well.

SRSD Math Problem Solving
The summer study has been similar. Work with Leslie Laud at thinkSRSD has proven to be positively challenging as I prep for deeper math problem solving with students next year. The ongoing creation of Numbers that Define You and Landmark Numbers and Figures has been equally engaging and promising. I love starting school with new units of study to share with students. I wonder how they'll meet the planned study and where revision will be necessary to rightfully engage, empower, and educate.

+Wesley Przybylski's edtech workshop at Regis was similarly positively challenging. I had taken a bit of reprieve from immersing myself in new edtech tools and then when I saw Wes and +Chrystal Hoe present it reignited my passion for engaging with new tools which led me to reach out to administrators and colleagues with the desire to embed new tools and policies into our edtech landscape for better learning and student engagement.

Bob Bardwell's passion for career and college readiness prompted me to study the topic and create connections to the work that K-8 teachers do that matches the attributes and intent of readying students for their future. Additionally I had the chance to visit beautiful Monson, Massachusetts and learn of their educational pursuits, challenges, and directions. I look forward to sharing ideas for college and career readiness at grades PreK-8:

The end of the month will find me readying the classroom and working with the grade-level team to put the finishing touches on the preparation for the year ahead. I also look forward to the ideas and goals I'll learn from leaders and colleagues at the start of the year.  In the meantime, it's time to focus on family and some time for fun. It's been a terrific weather summer here in New England and I look forward to exploring the beaches, mountains, and cities I love to visit in the days ahead.