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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Students' School Year Symbols

While trying to convey a complex concept in charts and words, I realized that a picture could relay the idea with greater strength. Hence I crafted the image above on Google draw. I will present this image to students at the start of the year and ask, "What does this image say about our team, TeamFive?" I will listen as students dissect the image and relay its meaning in their own words. As they talk, I'll have a chance to assess if the image relays the concept I hoped it would.

Similarly, I think I'll have students use Google draw to craft an image of their own learning goals and emphases. This would be a good way to teach Google draw in a meaningful and relevant way. Students' symbols could serve to decorate our room and bring meaning and focus to our year's efforts as well.

If you were to create a symbol of your year's teaching and learning, what would you include? I'm looking forward to what students will create should I find the time to employ this creative task.

Publishing has a strong effect on the work I do. Now that this symbol is published, I see room for updating and change. Hence, I'll probably detail this symbol a bit more before the school year starts. If so, I'll add the renewed symbol when complete.

10/2015 Update - We did update our symbol: