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Friday, July 17, 2015

In The Face of Struggle

I'm sensitive to the news, and perhaps I read too much of it.

I'm similarly sensitive to problems related to people I know well in my family or community. I don't like to see people struggle, yet I know that struggle is an inevitable part of life.

Our children at home, students at school, and colleagues are similarly sensitive to struggle.

What does this mean for our work and learning?

At school and at home it means creating as warm and inviting environment as possible. Make home and school places where children feel safe, comfortable, and free to be who they are.

It also means that when you can support the struggle in ways that matter small or big, do that.

The most difficult struggles to witness are those that touch you, but you're really not sure how or if you can help. For example, when a loved one is moving through a challenge that's outside of your expertise or understanding, there is little you can do to make it better other than to be present and supportive of your loved one's positive aim and direction.

If all of us reach out and help when we can in ways that we are able to give, we can be sure that there will be someone around to lend a hand and lead us forward when struggle arises.