Friday, July 24, 2015

Employ New Literacies

Cartoon that exemplifies students' metacognition when
using the SRSD approach to math problem solving. 
Yesterday I watched Wes Przybylski and Chrystal Hoe employ relatively new digital literacies with skill and ease at the Regis College EdTech Workshop. As I watched, I was reminded that I need to constantly rethink the way I produce content. It can't just be words on a page. Therefore as I prepped math problem solving templates, exemplars, and plans for my work with Leslie Laud at thinkSRSD, I employed WeVideo as part of my Google Drive to share some of the work. In the fall, I'll teach children to use WeVideo as one way to share their math thinking and learning. It's a rich platform that will result in deep math thinking, problem solving, creativity, and share.