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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Do Students ExplicitlyTrack Their Goals?

I'm tracking a personal goal with an online tracking system. The system is specific, detailed, and easy to use. I look forward to adding my daily numbers, progress, and challenges too.

The whole time I focus son the personal goal, I'm thinking about my students who face challenges learning and meeting academic, social, physical, or emotional goals. It's hard to reroute those brain paths, established habits, and mindset to actions and attitudes that better support your goals.

As I think about my students, I wonder about the ways that I'll help them explicitly track their efforts and progress, and I'm also thinking about how we'll use that data to work together, teacher and student, to coach the child forward.

In general, students like to see their stats. They also enjoy the conversation that goes along with that analysis. They like to make progress.

Right now and in the year ahead, the following tracking processes are in place:

  • Symphony Math data charts
  • Dorf and Dibels tests and charts
  • GMADE and GRADE tests
  • That Quiz Math Fact Tests
  • Khan Academy activity rosters and data
  • Math Journal pages
  • Unit tests and quizzes
  • TenMarks
The challenge is how to empower students to use these online venues and systems to track their own progress and use that data to inspire their efforts to meet the goals they set.