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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Assess Systems

Do you assess the systems you have in place?

If so, how do you assess those systems?

Are some systems in place because "we've always done it that way" or are those systems in place because those systems truly lead to best effort and result.

Too often same practice exists because it has always existed, and little time is made to assess, rethink, and possibly replace those systems. And when systems are replaced, too often the voices of those involved are not considered.

Mainly, systems are not evaluated, in my opinion, because evaluation takes time, and in most organizations many don't feel the time exists for such analysis.

What would a simple system assessment look like?

I suggest the following:

First, consider where you spend your time and energy.

Assess your efforts in that regard--what time results in positive student learning? How do you assess "positive student learning?" Discuss that with colleagues and determine what that looks like.

Where the effort does not result in positive student learning and experience of school, then rethink, revise or recreate.

It's best to work with your team in that regard.