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Friday, June 12, 2015

Students Shine!

Our students shined this week!

First, they completed their detailed, informative biography interviews with voice and expertise. Amazing!

Then they followed an amazing guide's lead on Boston's Freedom Trail with interest and care. When a classical music group sang in the Old South Meeting House, they listened with reverence. Wonderful!

Our brand new Field Day was met with enthusiasm and joy as students played multiple games at our beautiful High School fields.

They viewed an amazing video about conception to birth with interest, and offered information and questions that led to wonderful discussions.

Finally, they all presented their biography interviews and mini posters with QR codes dressed in costume in an amazing time line from Archimedes to Temple Grandin.

Finally the teachers met with administrators to review our shared model for teaching next year while students practiced playing instruments, created with computers, watched movies, and played games outside.

This week was like a marathon--a marathon we're proud of--teachers, families, students, and leaders! We did it!