Sunday, June 21, 2015

Moving Beyond a Painful Professional Event

As you know, if you read my blog, last year I encountered a very painful event.

After significant frustration in an area of professional work, I raised my voice and offered my opinions in a conversation with a colleague. I was challenged for raising my voice and offering my opinions with a significant, harsh response. Also my professional emails were scrutinized which is the right of leaders in most organizations. Thankfully, when I write, I always write with the notion that my emails could at any time be front page news. I later apologized in writing for raising my voice and my lawyer noted that I was allowed to share my opinion.

I also used the event as an opportunity to study and develop my communication and collaboration skills which I've done and continue to do so. I must say that the event was so surprising and challenging that I wake up many a day still thinking about what occurred and trying to piece all the elements together into a complete story.

What I do know is that I raised my voice and shared opinion, and what I've learned is don't raise your voice (unless it is an emergency and a raised voice is essential) and when you share your opinion, share it in a way that is understandable to others. The debate that occurred had to do with the process and use of technology with regard to teaching children.

I hesitate to continue to share this blemish, but the more transparent I am, the better I am able to move beyond the event which is now a bit more than one year past. Also, with regard to the people involved in the event, many have moved forward with me to more promising and positive collaboration and effort. This has been good and has served to illustrate that when we learn from our errors, we become better at what we do and who we are.

In our professional lives we will face great challenge at times, and we will also be there when our colleagues face great challenges. We will do well if we are compassionate with ourselves and our colleagues at these times moving in the direction of supporting one another, learning from error, becoming better at what we do, and focusing in on the children and families we serve. Those who were compassionate and caring towards me have helped me to move forward, and I am grateful for their care. In the future, I hope that I can do the same for others. Onward.