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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Move-Up Day!

Tomorrow is move-up day--the day when we meet next year's students and introduce them to the program ahead.

I'm looking forward to seeing their eager faces, introducing the teaching team, and presenting our new teaching/learning model. I'm happy that we'll be able to tell them that they'll have all the teachers on the team and that we'll all work together as TeamFive next year.

Together the teachers will present the teaching/learning theme (as depicted in our symbol), describe the model, introduce special events, and tell about specific learning efforts. After that each teacher will meet with their homeroom students and spend some time learning names and interests. I generally ask each student to name one learning activity or event that they really liked sometime in their life. Their answers always tell me a lot about them and the class in general.

After move-up day we'll return to this year's fifth graders who will receive and sign yearbooks, watch an acrobatic show, meet as a team, and enjoy recess and popsicles. A good day ahead.