Thursday, June 25, 2015

Long Term Vision

Which direction belongs to you? 
My posts in the past few days have all been about direction and creating the path to next year and beyond. I write often about prioritizing and choices since there are so many available avenues of study, work, contribution, and care today. Standing at the signpost can stall your effect without this kind of reflection.

I also read the advice, reflections, and study of many. I consult their work and compare it to my own to see how we're alike and different as well as how one person's or another's work and words can lead my efforts.

As I consider all of this, it's clear to me that rather than outward, my path is moving inward--a labyrinth motion as I've noted earlier. There's lots to shore up with regard to the details with my practice and craft, and to do that well it's imperative that I make lots of time for quiet study, reflection, writing, and natural activity such as walks in nature, swimming, biking, and good times with family and friends.

Thanks to Internet access, I don't have to travel or attend conferences to gain wisdom and inspiration since it's right here for me on the computer screen. Though, there will be times when I choose to travel to make an important personal connection or hear someone's voice and see their work in action.

All of us travel different paths, and what's important is that we listen to our hearts and minds to hear the call that is ours and follow that direction to do the work we're meant to do.