Monday, June 22, 2015

Everybody Gets a Turn

In classrooms with many students how do you make sure that everyone gets a turn? What strategies do you use?

There are many ways to fulfill this goal as an educator, and the first step is to be cognizant of the need for everyone to have time to voice their opinions, questions, and ideas.

Start the year with a conversation with the students that poses the question, "How can we make sure that everyone has a chance to speak up and be heard in this class?" Use the open circle format for the discussion and chart the responses.

Then come up with classroom protocols with the students.

Try out the protocols and refine as you go along.

Keep a list handy and chart who has a chance to speak and when. Make sure that everyone is heard on a regular basis when working with the whole group and in small groups.

Also make time for individual's voices during conferences, lunch meetings, and impromptu meetings.

When everyone gets a turn with regard to voice, choice, and response, you'll create a happy, inclusive classroom. This is a good focus for getting the new school year off to a good start.