Sunday, June 21, 2015

Building Team: Move Up Day Response

I checked the math accounts we set up prior to move-up day to notice that one child has already signed on for summer study.

This is exactly why we provide study suggestions and links in the move-up letter. We want to give those students who desire greater learning and study a path to those learning opportunities.

I've already received one email from next year's parents--an email with an important note about a minor change to the child's file information. I can easily make that change right away which will help to set the stage for that child's positive transition to fifth grade next fall.

Keeping families, colleagues, and students in the loop of information, plans, and opportunities before, during, and right after the teaching year allows the teaching/learning team to grow with strength and process.

The little bit of extra work upfront pays off in dividends with regard to the happiness, success, and progress possible.