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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When You Know There's a Better Way

Are you satisfied to do the same routine when you know there's a better way.

Sometimes I think we become mired in old, less potent routines and think because we don't make the time or engage in process to update, renew, or revise for better effect.

What is the best way to update old practice and make way for new ideas and efforts?

How do you cull the learning/teaching garden each year to renew and revise?

When is revision just right and when is revision too much or chaotic--what's the right pace of change, pace that develops, but does not demean or destruct good work.

Is there a process for revision and change, and is that process inclusive, timely, and positive?

Today, I was reminded of an initiative in our building that was very successful. A teacher had a good idea and forwarded that idea for the value of all through our local school foundation. It was one good way to forward positive growth and ideas.

In June our system has invited well regarded STEAM and ELA leaders to come and speak--that's another good way to forward new ideas, growth, and initiatives.

At our PLCs, we look at practice with detail and definition, and from that, we build new ideas to better meet students' needs--a third good vehicle for change and growth.

Another colleague shared her students' wonderful and imaginative play at school assembly--a fourth good vehicle for share.

I like to work with colleagues to develop our practice and teach better. This synergy of idea, experience, and effort motivates our work and enlivens the classroom/school.

When there's a better way, I believe we should pursue it with depth, integrity, and team. That's a good way to grow a system for the positive benefit of all. Onward.