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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The New Year of Teaching/Learning

The New Year of Teaching/Learning will begin in mid July once the professional commitments and efforts of this year have past. This year's main events are planned and prepared so the focus is follow-through with care and attention to students' needs.

The new year of teaching will find the focus a bit different than the past. In the past I've dedicated countless hours to professional learning. In a sense it was an overcorrection to catch-up with all the new research, resources, and pedagogy available today to teach well. Much has changed with regard to my work, and I'm a better teacher for it.

The new year will bring a more dedicated and inward drive towards the details of classroom life--the many structures and routines in place to serve children well. I'm looking forward to this targeted focus that includes the following constructs.

Regular Meetings
The class will meet regularly to share ideas, problem solve, and support one another on our shared learning/teaching journey.

Terrific Learning Experiences
With students, I'll apply learning design research and efforts to design meaningful, multi-sensory, active learning experiences that meet curriculum goals and foster students' interests and passions.

Individual Attention
I'll look for ways to coach each student well with individual attention and targeted learning feedback. Quiet lunches, small group meetings, written notes, special days, and special jobs are some of the ways I can develop this focus.

I'll continue to foster two-way communication with colleagues and families in order to support a dynamic learning/teaching team of students, families, educators, leaders, and citizens.

I'll meet the commitments I made to this year's larger share and extended professional work, but next year I'll lean in to what's important in the classroom with greater detail and depth.