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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Starting the Day with a Sing-a-Long

We'll start the day with a sing-a-long. We created a song book with the many wonderful songs students will sing during their fifth grade play.

Today, before rehearsal, we'll gather our 44 fifth graders and sing all the songs. Seeing the words before them will help students to learn a few challenging words and phrases that are a bit problematic as they perform. Also, hopefully the sing-a-long will energize the students for the morning practice. Further, I'm hoping that they can bring the song books home to use for future practice and singing enjoyment in the days to come.

The songs chosen for this play are lots of fun and also have terrific meaning for the lives we live. Memorizing and singing these songs is one more way for children to learn important lessons, lessons that will lead them forward in life.