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Saturday, May 09, 2015

SCRATCH Day 2015

My colleague, Ms. Cherwinski, attended SCRATCH Day last year and raved about it. I had to see it for myself so I accompanied her and a small group of fifth graders to the big event at the MIT Media Lab.

On this beautiful Saturday we wove through the streets adorned with buds and flowers of all colors until we reached the lab. The lab is a great space--perfect for creativity and share. I'd love to see schools replicate the kinds of spaces the lab has to inspire new age student learning.

SCRATCH leaders, Harvard Graduate School of Education students, MIT students, and other interested volunteers greeted us. Right away the children got to work logging in and completing the scavenger hunt. Next we attended the welcome talk and then it was time to play.

Students explored SCRATCH Projection, Makey Makey, Lego WeDo/SCRATCH, SCRATCH Dance Party, SCRATCH Jr., and Share and Tell events. There were plenty of healthy snacks available too. I spent the time engaging in play, talking to SCRATCH experts young and old, and watching the students create.

It was an eventful, mindful day, one that will take a while to sink in. In the meantime, I have the movies and images below to remind me of the day's creativity. Later I'll research and request Plug-ins for SCRATCH creativity on student/teacher computers, Lego WeDo for school, more Makey Makey, and a Projection/video room to build our ability to use SCRATCH in multiple creative ways. It would also be great to host a SCRATCH Day in our own school, a day when students teach their peers and teachers all about the many ways we can create and learn with SCRATCH.

In the meantime, I just want to say thank you to Ms. Cherwinski for the invite and to the entire SCRATCH team for the inspiration.