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Friday, May 22, 2015

Putting on a Play: A Literacy Event

A school play at the elementary school level can turn into a whole school literacy event. The images above show students reading the fairy tale, The Emperor's New Clothes, to kindergarten students. This helps the fifth graders and kindergartners better understand the story and the play.
The entire fifth grade class is putting on the play, The Emperor's New Clothes. There's lots of learning integrated into that one musical production. The learning includes the following:
  • Reading and speaking lines.
  • Reading and rereading the entire script.
  • Learning and singing the songs.
  • Collaborating with classmates.
  • Watching a video and following directions to make a costume.
  • Dancing (for some)
  • Rap writing and performance (for some)
  • Speaking in front of large crowds with clarity, expression, and appropriate volume.
  • Studying a story through multiple perspectives.
A school play at the elementary school has the potential to spur a school-wide literacy event. Students throughout the grades may read the story with teachers, classmates, family members, and older students. They might also watch versions of the story on video. Discussion about the story/play before the event and afterwards will further their experience of the play and related literacy learning.

This week our students will continue to practice lines and lyrics. They'll work together to perfect their roles and performance. Then they'll present the play for all the school children, teachers, and family members. They're fortunate to have such a wonderful, engaging, and integrated learning event.