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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nineteen Days plus Five: End-of-School-Year 2015

There's nineteen days left of school plus four days of a system-wide inservice and one day for clean-up. We're getting close to the finish line and the choreography matters a lot.

Today was a terrific day including a lengthy, 2.5 hour writing charrette and play practice. Tomorrow we'll sing songs, practice the play, and research/write some more. The next day is almost all play and after that it's almost all reading/writing biography reports and a special biography-related performance.

That brings us to fifteen days which will include the following:
  • biography projects and presentation
  • STEAM activities
  • field day
  • field studies in the city and country
  • visiting naturalist
  • human body systems introductory unit
  • portfolio work and end-of-year letters
  • book fair
  • quiet reading
  • buddy time
  • school picnic
  • fifth grade day and clap-out
The inservice time will focus on STEAM and ELA. I'll put my "next-year" hat on during those events.

There's also report cards, clean-up, ordering, move-up letters, and move-up day too.

As I keep saying to the students, it's worth the extra effort at the end of a test, project, or special event because you feel so good when you do a good job and live up to your expectations. It's that time of year when I'll take my own advice. Onward.

End-of-Year Checklist