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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Honor and Recognize: The Bammy Awards

I was delighted to be nominated. Thank you!
Over the past several years I've read about the Bammy Awards, but did not give the site too much attention. Then last year I was nominated, and then this year I was nominated and received a very nice note from those that nominated me.

Tonight I took close notice of the awards.

It took me a while to log in and figure out the voting/nomination process, but once I was in, I found myself inspired by the many terrific individuals who have been nominated--people I've looked to for support, inspiration, new ideas, and confidence.

The more I read, the more I realized that this is a good idea. It's a chance for educators to nominate their colleagues and mentors to recognize those in the educational community that lead us forward with strength and service to children.

While my social media share and interaction has been mostly centered on ideas that I can bring back to my school and students, I realized that in the year to come I want to pay more attention to the people behind the ideas--the ones who willingly give of their time, support, and ideas to uplift education communities near and far.

Take a look at the Bammy site. Log in and nominate and/or vote for educators who have shared their time and talents with you. This is one way to invigorate our global teaching/learning community.