Sunday, April 19, 2015

Teaching/Learning Goals: 2015-2016

Who sets your goals as an educator?

When do you learn of those goals? How do you meet the goals, and what kinds of supports exist?

I am mindful of the work that goal setting and attainment takes. In the best sense, it's a strategic process that begins with the creation of vision/mission, goals, and the action plan. Then it's time for the roll-out, review, assessment, and revision.

Good goal setting and attainment depends on adequate lead time, apt collaboration, and time-on-task.

In my professional role, some goals are set for me and other goals are set by me. To date, I've set a number of goals* for myself with regard to improving my craft for the year ahead and I've created a chart to lead my efforts in that regard. The system will assign me to tasks that meet their goals and leadership will share the system-wide objectives. I'll meld my goals with the system-wide goals for best effort by revising the chart and then working with the team to refine the learning/teaching path and objectives and after that, doing the work.

I like the creative process of goal setting and working to meet those goals in student-centered, research-based ways. I look forward to learning more about the year ahead so I can begin the preparation.

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