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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Thought Provoking and Challenging #satchathack

I didn't have enough coffee before the vigorous #satchathack conversation this morning. Great ideas were flying from tweet to tweet. Ideas about curation, best resources, tech integration, and deep learning led us to ask many questions, offer suggestions, share links, and challenge one another.

The chat led me back to Willingham's research in the book, Why Students Don't Like School? (see links below) and the need for deep, collaborative learning design with and for students.

How can schools make the time for teachers to use strategic process to work together to curate and embed the rich knowledge of cognition and content into learning experiences that matter? This is a critical factor when it comes to improving schools and student learning.

As for my own work, this summer I'll revisit Willingham's research as I plan for the school year ahead. Integrating his research into your daily classroom efforts will result in positive learning for every child.

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