Saturday, April 18, 2015

Professional Growth

As professionals we are always developing our craft.

Sometimes the errors and missteps accelerate that growth if we're open to the call of mistakes and the lessons inherent in those experiences.

Today as I consider the professional path, I'm aware of changes in my practice and vision that lead me.

I'm also aware of efforts ready for recycling:

My Way or the Highway
That doesn't work when it comes to teaching and learning well. Our best work is work we do with and for each other. The ability to listen deeply, communicate clearly, and collaborate with care are essential to good professional work.

Children First
Yes, and no. Our focus in schools needs to be on the children, but our care needs to extend to all in the learning team: students, families, educators, leaders, and community members.

A Serious Attitude
Yes, we need to be serious and detail oriented about our work, but we also have to make time for light-hearted humor and joy. If it's always serious, we'll miss the happiness inherent in the job.

Yes, I agree that we have to have a sense of urgency about change and impact. And, I also believe we have to be impatient about change that connects to creating better conditions for student learning, happiness, engagement, and empowerment. Yet, I do think we have to be patient about some change. Change outlines, systems, and transparent communication will create roadmaps to change that in turn will help to support a good level of patience with regard to those changes.

Work Hard
Yes, we need to be dedicated and work diligently to better our craft and do a good job, but if you don't recreate, take care of your health, and nurture your relationships, you'll have nothing to bring to the job.

As you consider professional growth, what efforts contribute to your path, and what efforts are you ready to recycle?  I'm curious.