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Saturday, April 11, 2015

No Response: Why?

One way to rid yourself of unwanted share is to not respond.

Yet there are times when a lack of response does not halt the share.

That's when you have to ask, Why?

Sometimes, when I don't receive a response, I share again.

I do this when the nature of my share holds, what I believe, to be deep potential for promising result. I also may continue to share if I'm trying something new, sharing the ideas with others, and/or using the information to impact my teaching/learning work. I want those I work with to understand why I am choosing the teaching/learning paths I choose.

When I share, I open myself up to debate, discourse, and response. I expect that not all will agree with me, care, or see it my way.

When teaching/learning organizations continue to grow with inclusion of all voices and depth of practice and effort, the work and result are rewarding and enriching for the members of that community including students, families, educators, leaders, and citizens. Greater share leads to more efficiency and greater effect, and that makes a positive difference to the students we serve.