Saturday, April 11, 2015

Learning is Humbling: Voice and Process

I think I've written this post before. In fact I may have written more than once before. The truth is that opening yourself up to rich learning is tremendously humbling.

For example, today I wrote a lot about voice and process. The more I reflected and wrote, the more I realized that I continue to have lots to learn in that regard.

How we best use process and voice to teach, learn, and share is an important aspect of the teaching/learning world today. The way we communicate matters, and how we communicate will change often dependent on time, place, people, and purpose.

I remain invested in this pursuit because I'm realizing more and more the positive effect of good communication. When individuals communicate effectively and inclusively, the potential for organizational growth and strength grows.

In my role as a classroom teacher, it's my obligation to pay attention to communication skills and the way I model and teach those skills to young learners. The words we use and how we use those words matter when it comes to good teaching and learning.

There's lots of deep challenge when it comes to teaching well, challenge that keeps one interested in the job with the goal of betterment and impact. Onward.