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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Leading Yourself Forward: The Shortlist

How do you lead yourself forward?

What do you do to push yourself towards better practice, service, and result?

As you know, I use this blog to coach myself ahead. Every morning I write to give myself a focus and nudge towards better work.

Many days are filled with surprises and challenges which lead me to the next day's post.

I'm also led forward by the teaching and learning I observe around me each day. My colleagues create and effect wonderful learning experiences. I watch, learn, and try to replicate their positive demeanor, actions, and ideas.

Making my daily push public is a bit daunting, but does serve to hold me accountable. When I write it down, I'm more likely to follow that lead and do better work. I like the action-reflection spiral blogging creates. It has proved to improve my effect as an educator.

What push is ahead? What work will rightly direct my efforts and course?  Here's the latest shortlist.

Math Review and Teaching
  • Study Packet and Study Skills Review
  • Volume Exploration and Investigation
  • Grade-level test
  • Tangrams Exploration and Investigation
  • Survey, Line Plots, Coordinate Grids w/Meaningful Data and Teams
Science Study and Review
  • Practice vocabulary and content skill with old MCAS tests--review work as a game the week before MCAS
  • Review of main K-5 Concepts with Bill Nye films and other videos.
  • Scientist Visits: Green Energy, Electromagnetism
  • STEAM Exploration: Sound
  • Mystery Seeds and Plant Science
  • Outdoor Exploration and River Days
  • Simple Machines K'Nex Exploration
  • Playdough circuits and Little Bits
  • Continued efforts with Khan Academy and That Quiz
Biography Projects
  • Time for reading, research, writing, editing, and revising.
Learning to Learn Review
  • Revisiting Learning-to-Learn behavior and mindset as students ready for middle school transition.
Fifth Grade Play and Special Events
  • Supporting specialist teachers, parents, and colleagues with regard to students' many end-of-year special events. 
Professional Learning
  • Create professional presentations for Wayland Institutes and MTA Summer Conference
Next Year
  • Follow chart when and how I can.