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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Knowledge Share

Knowing is important.

Knowing is important particularly if you're a person like me who enjoys research, study, creating, and learning.

When I understand the path ahead well, I can match my study and work to that path. I like that kind of synthesis, and find that matching my efforts with the mission/vision/goal path of a family, classroom, grade-level, initiative, school, or school system is a win-win. It's a win for me because I get to do good work with time and care. It's a win for the students and system since my work contributes to better teaching with up-to-date resources, tools, process, and research.

Sometimes knowledge is not shared. In cases like this, I understand when knowledge can't be shared for personal or private reasons. For example, last night I was in a conversation with a family member and that family member could not share a part of a story due to the personal nature of the story and information. I understood.

The same might be true in organizations. At times there may be a sensitive nature to information and for that reason information is not shared. An email or note that explains why information can't be shared helps in these cases.

But in general, I feel that greater share and transparency related to the work we do in schools benefits all, creates team, and moves everyone forward toward common work and endeavor.

The connection between knowing and doing good work as a classroom teacher is deep. Each day we plan multiple lessons and respond to a large array of learning efforts, questions, and initiatives. Time is precious to us because we understand the connection between knowing and the good work possible. We don't want to waste time, and we want to employ our efforts in ways that matter. That's why many of us feel called to advocate for efficient, transparent systems of share and understanding. Yesterday, Mindshift, had a great article related to this, an article I want to read with greater depth.