Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Imaginative, Compassionate, Intelligent Contributors and Leaders

Yesterday we started our back-to-school meeting with the goal of becoming imaginative, compassionate, intelligent community contributors and leaders.

The students and I discussed recent world events, and the fact that the world will need leaders and contributors who can imagine and create solutions to world needs.

We also discussed the need to be good global citizens who are compassionate and respectful to the many people we will meet, people that represent a wide variety of culture and lifestyle.

Further, we discussed the need to be intelligent--to know a lot in order to understand the sophisticated world we live in.

It was a big talk. Some were deeply engaged, and others were quietly listening. It gave us rich and meaningful reasons for the work we do in school to develop team, care for one another, and learn a lot.

Today we'll dig into that bigger call by working as teams to study and support one another. It will be a good day.