Sunday, April 26, 2015

Everybody Needs Mentors

Everyone needs mentors. Every professional and every student needs mentors.

We need to introduce our students to the idea of mentors early on. We have to show them how to look for mentors in their world online and offline. We need to tell students the stories of our own mentors if we were fortunate enough to have one or more mentors.

Some children are from homes that introduce them to multiple mentors, and other children are from homes where they rarely or never meet a person who can mentor them with regard to their dreams, interests, and needs.

As educators, it's our responsibility, to talk about mentorship in our classrooms with questions such as the following:
  • What and whom do you want to be?
  • Who supports you and your dreams?
  • How do you make decisions?
  • Who helps you make those decisions?
  • If you could choose any life for yourself, what would you choose? Who models that life for you?
Too many children only look up to the sports stars and movie stars they see on television. Many don't have the chance to learn about the many life and career paths available today. 

As educators we have the chance to introduce students to successful individuals from multiple cultures, countries, and career paths. We will broaden students' choices and chances for happiness and success if we make the time to introduce them to the many mentors available in their world.

These thoughts came to me today when I watched the wonderful interview below with Judy Marks, President and CEO of Siemens Gov't Tech.