Thursday, April 23, 2015

Collaborative Work: Moving Forward

The end of the school year's success depends on collaborative work in so many areas. How can I contribute?

The Biography Project
I am not in the lead with this project. Two talented colleagues are leading the project. They've motivated the team (students) and organized the project well. My role is that of a support teacher. I'll edit and help with research. The key here is to maximize my effort when it really matters after the PARCC/MCAS tests are complete.

Field Studies/Special Events
We have a large number of field studies and special events planned. The important work here lies in organization, collecting permission slips/money, student prep, and leading students with a sense of joy and adventure as we learn.

Field Day
Our physical education teacher will lead this day, and the key will be to learn about the events and support.

Fifth Grade Play
Our talented music teacher leads this effort, and like Field Day, my job will be to help out with a good attitude and flexibility.

School Assembly
My students are the emcees, ushers, and tech crew. I need to make sure they're ready to do their work well to support this school-wide endeavor.

Collaboration here means following the test steps and processes as we give the final five standardized tests of the year.

Student Needs
As we near the end-of-the-year transition, students will have many needs, and as always, I'll collaborate with colleagues and students to meet those needs.

Next Year's Teaching Assignment
Not knowing my assignment or team for next year has been challenging. It's a challenge because I haven't been able to take part in local grant sources or summer study applications because I don't know what my main charge will be next year, and due dates for those support vehicles are due soon or have already passed. That's frustrating. Also I see the collaboration window of time closing as I wait to hear. I know that there's the potential for innovative models, supply acquisition, and learning that will positively affect my work and the teamwork for next year, but without knowing your assignment, you can't take advantage of those opportunities. I can't even clean up effectively as I'm not sure which materials I'll use next year and which I won't use. However, I understand that there are many timelines in place in this regard, timeline processes I am not part of.

When I do hear, it will be a chance to positively work with my new or renewed team with care to plan for the year to come so that we maximize our efforts, time, and resources to teach well and meet system-wide goals.

Working as part of the team is an important aspect of teaching and learning today? What team responsibilities do you have as the year reaches its final weeks, and how will you carry out those responsibilities with a professional, positive attitude, care, and respect.