Monday, April 20, 2015

Clarity of Direction

When you entertain the numerous posts and tweets of social media, it calls you to continually right direction and clear the path for your individual teaching/learning direction.

Every educator both shares collective goals and mission and forges their own independent path too. We all travel this teaching/learning path in somewhat different ways--ways not necessarily better or worse than another's path, but ways different because of who we are, what we want to achieve, and our past experiences, talents/skills, and passions/interests.

As I move from global to local speak, I have to constantly rethink the direction and movement. I like the way that classroom work calls us to be our best and the way that global speak gives us a light to move towards as we work with children each day.

For me, a veteran teacher, the more I teach, the more I desire to go deeper with the day-to-day work by choosing and employing best resources, creating a dynamic student-friendly schedule, and working with colleagues to empower, engage, and educate the children well. That front-line duty gives me a first hand perspective of the challenges educators face each day as well as the triumphs and successes possible.

There's great challenge in trying to work with students and colleagues to effect the best schedules, routines, and efforts to teach every child well, and to make sure that every child feels confident and proud of their work and effort. Every teacher knows this is a difficult goal to reach day in and day out for multiple reasons. For me, this is the challenge I seek to reach through reflection, teamwork, respect/care, and good service each day.