Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vision Setting: Now, Later, and After That

As you create vision, there's the need to think about now, later, and after that.

What's critical at the moment? What events, actions, mindsets, and behaviors need attention? How does your daily agenda fulfill those needs and move ahead with the details that create strength, good work, and promise?

What's a few weeks or months down the road? How are you preparing for that work? What efforts will set the stage for success in these endeavors?

What are your long term goals? What do you need to do to reach those goals? What kind of time do you carve out of the "now and later" schedule to make time for the "after that" vision?

I keep repeating that sage advice my dad gave me, "A little for today and a little for tomorrow," which leads to good balance as you develop your skill and craft for now, later, and after that.