Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Week Ahead: Details

Moving from #satchat's big ideas to the nuts and bolts of teaching well next week. Then it's time for friends and family.

Students know the routine. We'll follow the directions, and students will take the tests as I proctor.

We'll continue the grade-level review we started last week.

Marble Mazes
During free time and recess, students will have the chance to refine and decorate their projects. They can also make movies about their work. On Thursday interested parents are invited to visit and look at the projects. Then students will reflect on their work and take a short content assessment.

Scientist Visit
A scientist from the local Discovery Museum will visit and teach students about matter.

Schedules have changed due to PARCC, but students will still have all specials this week.

No School on Friday: Good Friday