Monday, March 30, 2015

Challenging Day: The Value of Routine

When teaching young students there is great value to routine.

The testing regiment has disrupted that routine which has made it difficult with regard to continuity, pacing, apt planning, and good teaching.

In the future, now that we have an idea of what the tests entail, it will be important to schedule the tests so that they do not disrupt the routine as much.

I also hope that the number of tests are lessened as the testing-learning ratio at this time of the year seems a bit off balance.

In the meantime, I find that I'm trying to get that just right apres-test routine--one that engages students and matches their "I just took a test" mood and energy.

As I think about today, a challenging day, I realize that there's greater need for class meetings, team discussions, and learning simplicity. Our supports are less, schedules disrupted, and continuity broken, hence to keep the peace and continue a sense of team, we've got to move with a bit less speed and more simplicity as the test schedule continues off and on through the middle of May with 4 Math PARCC tests, 1 PARCC ELA, a system-wide test, and two MCAS science tests ahead. Onward.