Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Night Before the Test

Teachers have crazy dreams at night.

I woke up with a standardized test dream. The computers were everywhere, the booklets strewn around the room, scrap paper unnamed. . .it's the night before the first test that I have to administer.

Crazy, but true, there's stress when it comes to administering these new tests.

Stress due to all the little details you have to remember.

Thanks to our outstanding test coordinator, when I opened up my laptop there was a message from her reminding us of all the details we have to know to test right, details such as pick up your bin, assign computers, use the same ticket for each day of the testing, and more.

The other stressor here is that the children aren't themselves either--this is a new way to think of our classroom and effort. We typically collaborate, move about the room, and talk a lot when learning. This is quiet, do-it-by-yourself, and don't-talk-about-it work. A bit of a challenge for my energetic crew.

Luckily I'll also have the help of a teaching assistant and the student teacher. I'll go in early too to make sure everything is in order and to move the cardboard simple machine projects to the side for less distraction.

Once the testing is done for the day, there will  be time for play and recess and then we'll move on to other learning endeavors.

I'm sure I'm not the only teacher awoken by test dreams during this season of new tests and routines. I wonder where it will take us in the days and years ahead.