Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Plan and Re-Plan

A new grade level, new content units, and a new testing pattern have disrupted the teaching/learning schedule I planned for the weeks ahead. It's time to re-plan with students' and system interests at the forefront.

I want students to be able to do their best on these tests. Yet I don't want the experience to be overwhelming or problematic. The test scores rely on the teaching that's occurred in the past six-seven months as well as a child's foundation and outside-of-school study. There isn't the time or continuity now to make a big impact beyond review since the schedule and supports are choppy due to testing.

Hence, the new schedule looks like this:

March to Mid May
  • math/science content review
  • test taking
  • reading and biography project
  • specialist subjects, recess, class meetings
Mid May to June
  • PBL
  • reading, writing, and reflecting
  • special events: play, biography project, field studies. 
That schedule should serve us better than the schedule that preceded it.