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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Marble Maze Project Update #2

I really like the fact that this marble maze project has no hard, fast deadlines. It's a true learning project--a kind of "call and response" project base learning endeavor.  The students' efforts and words call, and I respond with more teaching, examples, materials, and more.

The project mirrors the natural give-and-take that is learning. The trial and error path of frustrations, breakthroughs, collaboration, and share leads all of us forward as teams of children craft imaginative marble paths that include all six simple machines.

Our next step is to seek out examples of simple machines in real time online and offline. We'll create a simple machine image file to lead our work. I started this work on Sunday at the National Gallery of Art and I plan to add students' images to the Storify slideshow I started.

We'll also continue our collection of great recyclables and our use of online videos and information to inform project sketches, plans, and creation.

Once the first leg of big tests are past, we'll have a couple of days devoted to this creative work. In the meantime, I'll do my homework too by reading more about project base learning on the well respected Buck's Institute for Education website.