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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Love to Teach, But Care Less for the Politics

I really love to teach. I love to help children learn, but the politics of schools like any organization can be difficult.


How do we prepare ourselves and others for the political reality of groups and organizations?


A colleague mentioned a concern to me. I said, "You should ask about that as that is an important concern."
    She replied, "But you're good at speaking up."
    I said, "You have to speak up too."


On another occasion recently I was dismayed that many were not willing to speak up, yet I know one often pays a price when he or she speaks up. However, sometimes others pay a price when one doesn't speak up. Speaking up can be very difficult, and it takes political savvy to know when and how to speak up.


Connections and relationships impact politics in ways both positive and not so positive too.


Silence also impacts the work we do in ways both good and not so good.


Transparency is a powerful vehicle when used and not used. 


In schools, there can be challenging at times, but you find yourselves on a good path if you keep children center stage in the work that you do.