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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Imperfect, But Good Enough, Decision

There's a stopping point for every project due to the limitations of time, resources, and value.

What criteria do we use to establish the stopping point?

Do we sometimes stop too soon or two late?

Recently I had to make a decision about a project.

The value in my eyes was the student experience, planning, and performance.

I knew perfection or even near perfection would mean many, many hours for a value not closely matched to our teaching/learning overall values at this time, so I opted for an early stopping point.

The children were satisfied, the priorities accomplished, and while imperfect, the effort was good enough.

We're called on to make many decisions in school. Most of those decisions impact our time and effort. At times we'll make less than perfect decisions--good enough decisions with a value quotient equal to the effort made.