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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Teach Well: Put the Past Behind You

As a veteran teacher of 29 years, my practice has evolved considerably.

Sometimes I look back at past teaching efforts and cringe. I think, "How could I have done that or thought that." Teaching well is a continuous journey of practice, reflection, and change.

What worked 20 years ago, last month, or even yesterday, may be outdated or inappropriate today. On the other hand, there are practices which remain--timeless efforts that continue to hold value today.

As we become more attuned to the people around us and the changing world landscape, we better our craft to teach well.

There's a temptation to become discouraged with regard to past transgressions, choices, or efforts--to become mired in the past. This only serves to stall our growth and forward movement. There is no doubt that good teachers evolve over time, and embracing that notion moves us towards better service to children.

So consider the changes you've experienced, and reflect on the positive and not so positive aspects of your work. Then put the past behind you and move ahead to better practice and craft.

Also, make time to support those around you in that regard. We do best if we journey these paths together to teach children well.

My #oneword journey this year inspired this in part. Today's post led to this reflection.