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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow Days: Loss of Continuity

The greatest challenge with regard to teaching and snow days is the loss of continuity when it comes to teaching and learning.

It's that day-to-day practice and study that builds good learning, and the staccato pattern of days on and days off can hinder that flow.

Today, I'll bridge that gap by talking to students about it.

First, I'll note that it's hard to keep our learning strong with all these snow days.  I'll encourage students to make some time each day to practice their math by working on the projects and activities on the team learning menu. I'll also remind them that if they get stuck, then can email me during a snow day for help.

Then I'll tell them how I've changed the learning list due to the storm. We'll continue to work on the fraction compare posters when we have time, but the priority will be to catch up with our standards-list before Thursday's assessment as I don't want to wait until after vacation for that test.

Then we'll start the lesson with snow stats, and move forward with our study of mixed numbers and improper fractions.