Monday, February 23, 2015

Hargadon Poses Good Questions for Upcoming Parent Conferences

I just read Mindshift's article about Steve Hargadon's work. I've always been inspired by Hargadon's deep thinking, student-centered work in education. I will have a few copies of this article by my side during parents conferences as I expect families will be discussing issues related to Hargadon's points.

Two quotes from the article will provide some strong background information for the upcoming conferences:

"Hargadon thinks one way change agents get tripped up is by promoting a particular model, rather than a process by which people can develop (or adopt) models that best fit their needs. He considers deep, meaningful conversations a useful starting point for people to use to shape the future, and to that end, he’s planning to host a series of national conversations in 2014 that probe the deeper questions around education and can serve as models for conversations people initiative in their own communities."

This quote leads me to think about how I can help to foster those "deep, meaningful conversations" during upcoming conferences. The paragraph also reminds me that I want to keep track of Hargadon's work and influence as it seems like his work will lead me to some real-time ways to enrich and enhance the work I do with children.