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Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Musings: First Week in February 2015

Amidst the giant piles of snow, spring fever has emerged in our energetic fifth grade team. I caught glimpses of that today, and I must say that's a bright part of teaching fifth grade.

A couple of invested students completed their fraction posters leading the way for the rest of the class who will complete the projects in the next few days.

A cozy end of the day found us listening to and watching Scholastic storybooks on the big screen. The Weston Woods editions of the stories were delightful to watch as fifth grade buddies sat next to their kindergarten friends.

An early morning PLC found us once again sharing ideas and troubleshooting the many curriculum areas and foci we want to strengthen--the hour discussion flew by.

Next week is Team Week. Every child has a special teammate to dote on during the week by making his/her classmate a bookmark, happiness coordinate grid, Team crossword puzzle, and Party-in-a-Box for the last day before vacation. We'll also continue completing fraction posters, learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions, solving fraction problems, writing fractured fairy tales, reading, and more.

We're in full swing again after the bumpy start to the new year due to so many new units, snow days, and need for uplifting expectations, and changing the teaching patterns a bit to match our fifth graders who are beginning to look like they're ready for the next step, middle school!

Gratefully, the end of the year is choreographed well with a number of exciting projects and performances to keep them in the game before their big transition. Until then we'll continue to dig into the curriculum and learning at hand, strengthening their foundations, and yes, prepping for a number of standardized tests.

Now for the weekend. . . .