Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Better Class: Class Committee Meetings

So far two class committees have met at lunch this week.

On Monday the Fun Committee met and discussed ways that we can celebrate our hard work and study. They're planning another Team Day soon. Lots of great ideas were shared and we'll have to have another meeting soon go finalize those plans. The big question was when will the snow melt as that will impact the plans we make.

Yesterday the Class Climate Committee met. They had lots of ideas about how to improve the general attitude and feeling in the classroom. Their ideas included the following:
  • Don't skip recess.
  • Give students time to "calm down, cool down" after lunch.
  • Have a clean-up time once a week.
  • Put someone in charge of making sure all the computers are powered up and logged out.
  • Make time for energy breaks often, and have those breaks outside when possible.
  • If we miss gym due to a day off, then make another gym time during the week (We've missed a lot of gym class due to snow days and Monday holidays).
The students have amazing ideas about how to improve the classroom. As their teacher, I just have to make the time to let students meet, make decisions, and then support the follow-through of all these good ideas.