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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Stormy Weather?

I was a bit caught off guard by the stormy weather inside and outside of the classroom during the first few days back. Though we made every effort to get in sync, the clouds reigned getting in the way of outdoor recess and indoor learning.  We pushed through it and I think the worst of the discomfort is passed. Nothing bad happened it's just that the return to school found us all, teachers and students, a bit jittery and cranky as we settled in with one another again.

This afternoon we had a "school pride" time and cleaned up the room. It feels a lot better now. I stayed late to so that I could follow up on students' post vacation dream list. I labeled the creativity corner, displayed some pictures, and straighten things up a bit.

Tomorrow "company" is coming (the admin walk-through) which I'm sure added to the angst and inspired, in part, the big clean-up. The lessons are set, and the sun is about to shine :)