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Friday, January 02, 2015

Slow It Down

I'm sure if colleagues see this title, they'll delight since I'm typically at a fast pace at school--why the rush?

I've been working hard to get somewhere--a place of comfort and skill at teaching, one that I could see but not embrace.

It feels like I'm closer at the moment--it's a simple "closer" characterized by the following:
  • Guiding posters on the walls that lead our collective learning
  • Websites and collaborative documents that inform and guide the learning team
  • Comfortable chairs and classroom set-up that welcomes the learning team
  • A blended learning environment that utilizes multiple tools and processes to serve children well
  • A committed grade-level team of classroom teachers and specialists who meet regularly to choreograph our time and efforts with regard to student service.
  • A solid knowledge of my students, who they are and the inquiry ahead with regard to their needs, interests, and passions.
  • Time to do the job well given my less-demanding home schedule and responsibilities
  • Energy, health, support
  • In-school support for multiple new and worthy initiatives
  • An understanding of goals not yet met or even understood in some cases
It's been a double-time pace to get to this place--a pace of reading a lot, writing, thinking, questioning, challenging, reaching, risking, dreaming. . . .

Challenges will continue to arise, and the "bumpy road of learning" will continue, but it seems like, right now, I can slow down, listen, hear, and respond in ways that matter.

At home, with older children, that's what I've done this week. My husband and I slowed it down. We were present, and guided/supported when needed. Now at school I want to do the same. 

At every juncture, I have the same feeling, a sense of promise and a wondering about the challenges and good times that await--it never goes exactly as planned, but hopefully the more I shore up my travel skills, the better I'll journey this road of teaching and learning well.