Sunday, January 11, 2015

Serving Children Well: What Can I Do?

Returning to school after a controversial week prompts me to shore up that list of actions we can do to make schools great places to learn and teach.

Treat Colleagues and Students with Respect
Use sensitivity with all in your midst. At times in our rush to get things done or right wrongs, we may err in this regard, and that's not right. If someone treats you or your students with disrespect, speak up and address the issue with care. I like the quote in Getting to Yes which prompts us to go hard on issues and soft on people.

Make Time to Listen to Students
Students bring a large variety of issues and concerns to school. It is essential that we make time to listen to the many stories they want to tell.

Cozy Classrooms
Create a classroom environment that is welcoming and comfortable for all students.

Engaging, Profitable Learning Experiences
As much as possible create learning that is engaging and empowering. Embed standards and other worthy goals into the learning activities.

Give students time to move, play, eat healthy snacks, and drink water.

Let the learning team, students, family members, colleagues, and leaders, know what you've done, what you're doing, and what's to come. Invite questions and commentary. Think of the communication as the ongoing learning story.

Do Your Job Well
School roles vary and for success, it's important that everyone is focused on understanding and performing their role well.

We work better if we help each other so when possible share ideas and develop learning experiences together.